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Effective April 8, 2019, we changed our billing platform from TheraBill to Open Practice Solutions (AKA OPS).

Any dates of service on and after April 8 will be billed through OPS. You can pay OPS balances online by going to the website listed on your statement and entering your Statement Pin.

Any dates of service prior to April 8 were billed through TheraBill.

Some patients may have balances in both platforms for a short time as we transition. In this case, we will be sending statements from both platforms. As we transition out of the previous platform, we will be asking patients to pay off existing balances.

If you have a balance to pay off, we are happy to process that over the phone, 541-312-9838 x1.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. For any billing questions, please contact our Billing Admin team, Lisa at 541-312-9838 x2 or Lorin at 541-420-9897.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.


As a courtesy, for all new patients we contact their insurance companies to verify benefits and then provide new patients with a paper copy of their Insurance Verification Forms. These quotes are not guaranteed and we high recommend that YOU also call your insurance company to KNOW YOUR BENEFITS.

Our office cannot guarantee the amount that your insurance company will pay. Your insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company - we are not a part of this contract. Disputes with insurance companies are the responsibility of the insured. We have no control over the terms of your contract, the method of reimbursement, or the determination of benefits. You agree to be responsible for payment of all services rendered.

DEDUCTIBLES | If your deductible for the year has not been met, an it applies to a service being rendered, we will collect the following amount that will be applied to your deductible at checkout:

  • Naturopathic New Patient Appointment: $275
  • Naturopathic Return Appointment: $180
  • Naturopathic + Acupuncture New Patient Appointment: $300
  • Naturopathic + Acupuncture Return Patient Appointment: $195
  • Acupuncture New Patient Appointment: $165
  • Acupuncture Return Patient Appointment: $100

If we collect from you and your insurance company determines your deductible has been met, once the billing charges have been processed and finalized by your insurance company and Inspired Health, you will be credited back the money owed to you.

If you have a high deductible that you will not meet within the year, it may be more cost effective to pay cash at a discounted rate for services at the time of service (TOS).

Any amount not covered by insurance or any difference in the estimated portion is your responsibility. In regard to maximum benefit coverage (e.g. 10 maximum visits, $1,000 maximum benefit), it is your responsibility to track these benefits in partnership with your insurance company. You may need to contact your insurance company occasionally to check your status. Remember to keep track of your EOBs (explanation of benefits) you’ll receive from your insurance company.

Secondary insurance billing is your responsibility. You can contact your secondary insurance company to determine how you can bill them.

We understand that insurance benefits and billing can be confusing. If you have a question regarding your bill, please contact Billing at 541-312-9838 x2. If you have a question regarding your insurance payment, please contact your insurance company directly.

PLEASE NOTE: Our office only bills insurance for patients in Oregon. We do NOT bill insurance for our out-of-state patients.

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